Frequently Asked Questions

When will the next Throne of Glass novel be published? 

Tower of Dawn, the next TOG novel featuring Chaol, will be published September 2017 and the final book in the series (no title yet) will be published May 2018.

When will the next book in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series be published?

The third book in the trilogy, A Court of Wings and Ruin, is available now. There is no release date yet for the other spin-off novels set in the ACOTAR world.

How many books are in the series? 

In total, there are six main Throne of Glass books, plus The Assassin’s Blade (the prequel novella bind-up), the Chaol novel (out September 2017), the Throne of Glass Coloring Book, and a Throne of Glass compendium (out May 2018).
ACOTAR is a trilogy with the third book, A Court of Wings and Ruin out May 2, 2017. There will also be three more novels and two novellas set in the ACOTAR world, and a coloring book.
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How do you pronounce the characters’ names?

I actually get asked this so often that I made a pronunciation guide! You can see it here. The pronunciation guides are also found at the back of the novels.

When should I read THE ASSASSIN’S BLADE?

THE ASSASSIN’S BLADE is a bind-up of five prequel novellas. While you can read it at any time, I like to think of it as book zero and recommend reading it before THRONE OF GLASS.

Where can I buy just The Assassin and the Healer?

The Assassin and the Healer is one of the five novellas found in THE ASSSASSIN’S BLADE. It is exclusive to the bind-up and therefore cannot be purchased individually.

Where can I send fan mail?

First of all, you are seriously too sweet for wanting to send me something! Feel free to send it via my agent:
Tamar Rydzinski
The Laura Dail Literary Agency
350 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2003
New York, New York, 10001

Are they going to make a movie/TV show out of Throne of Glass or ACOTAR?

The Throne of Glass series is being made into a TV show by Hulu. Check out the details here.
The film rights for  ACOTAR have been optioned by Tempo Productions. See the announcement here. For more updates on the TV show and movie subscribe to my newsletter!

Where can I get a signed copy of your books? 

For more information on where to find signed copies click here.

Throne of Glass isn’t published in my country! How can I read it?

We’ve actually sold rights in 35 countries. SO, hopefully we’ll keep adding more countries to that list. In the meantime, check out the Book Depository. It’s a great website where you can buy books and have them shipped anywhere in the world FOR FREE.

Will you ever do a signing in my city/country?

I have several tours coming up in the next year. Keeping checking my events page and hopefully, I will be able to make it to your home soon.

I’m an aspiring writer! Do you have any advice? 

Read a lot, and write a lot. Write what you LOVE, even if people tell you it’s not worth your time. And never, ever give up.

Can you read my manuscript? Or just the first chapter?

Unfortunately, I can’t, due to legal reasons (and the fact that I have very little free time these days)!

Will there be a family tree for Aelin or a map of Wendlyn?

No, not at this time.